"everything starts with a dream..."
Before 2012 ends, i feel that it's only fitting to have one final blog to commemorate 2012.
2012 was a roller coaster ride for me - not only academically but with running Sweet N' Cute Creations as well. Instead of rambling on about my year - it will be sort of redundant given my previous blog posts, here's my 2012 at a glance

2012 Creations

just realized i had 34 designs this year...and hopefully 2013 will prove to be an equally productive year....if not more productive [which i'm sort of doubting because i'll be i'll be in college by late may or early june of 2013]
ps, i apologize that i haven't been able to post that much new designs...ive been quite busy with school stuff. But, nonetheless, i do have a surprise for you all just in time for the new year!!!

2012 Memorable Moments

Sweet N'' Cute Creations Shop....SNxC

the start of it all: Squeedorable Amis the very first eBook of SNxC and the start of my little online pattern shop...which i've decided from now on, will just be called SNxC for it to be shorter you can still get the eBook by clicking the picture and it's only for only $9.99 and it has 19 patterns!! ps, there's also a surprise towards the end of the ebook
the first mini eBook: Awwdorable Achievable appropriately named because they are so adorable that they make you go AWWWWW and achievable because with just some simple crochet stitches, they're all done! you can get the ebook by simply clicking on the picture! and it's only for $4.95 ps, there's also a surprise towards the end of the ebook
with the height of the Avengers, i decided to combine bunnies - one of the cutest critters ever, and the avengers the result? the bunnyvengers the bunnyvengers ebook is filled with not only super cute pictures and the pattern but also a little background on each of the characters the mini ebook is available for only $2.95 click the image to get the ebook =]
the colorful collection does not only feature super cute designs but an unexpected twist as well: when you shake it it rattles!!!! the ebook featuring the 5 patterns is available for only $5.25 as always, just click on the picture to be redirected to the pattern
little fifi is just the sweetest little fox out there and now you can make your own! the pattern is available for only $2.75! as always, just click on the photo for the pattern
little rhylie's cutie pie of a face can be by you for only $2.75!!! her pattern features a little story as well!!! as always, just click on the photo for the pattern
amigurumi donkey inspired in part by eeyore specifics: baby donkey with fuzzy mohawk like mane 8 pages full color complete with diagrams and pictures to help you in steps that might be confusing without a visual with a story about little deleanah pattern is available for only $2.75 as always, just click on the photo for the pattern
probably the most successful of my patterns...little stitch!! and he's still available for free :D
And, to those who bought my patterns: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! I started my little pattern shop so that i'll be able to earn a little extra cash so that if i wanted to buy something, i would be able to without asking my parents for it.

Something totally unexpected 

2012 also marked the FIRST time i gave a giveaway and it won't be the last.
On my birthday, i decided to have a little giveaway and i hope that you all liked it! Congratulations once again to all the winners! I truly hope that you all had fun with it.
and if you would want another one again, simply leave a comment and end it with: SNxCGiveaway
Also, as an added bonus, just go to my rav store and enter the code: SNxC and you'll get $1. off on all my patterns [eBooks included!!] - the offer is only valid from NOW until Jan. 1 [Philippines time]

2012 accomplished goals

above is my bucket list...it's not yet complete, though. i started this bucket list earlier this year and i'm sort of shocked that i got to cross off 6 already.
some of them are a little far-fetched though, but there's no harm in dreaming BIG :D
as of the designs, i have had 51 last 2010-2011, 34 this year; totaling to 85 designs. Making it only 65 more designs to reach my goal :D

2013....i'm ready for you!

"A new year is unfolding - like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within"  - anon
2013, hopefully, will be just as fun as 2012 was for me. I'm very excited for what the new year will have in store not just for me but to all of you as well.
i already have a few design ideas in store for the year and i truly hope that you will all love them!!!

Thank you's

I would like to say thank you to EACH ONE OF YOU!
Thank you to AmigurumiPatterns.net for hosting my patterns in her pattern store
thank you to the people who always comment - Siobhan, Dianna Darrell Smith, Claire Hinkley, Wendy Trish, De'Anna Groves, Katka, Little Yarn Friends, Regina Chappell Young, Sheryl Watson, Deborah Armstrong, and many more!!!! [im not that good with names...]

My wishes for you all

FOr all of you, i wish you nothing but the best. I wish that all of you will be able to have ample relaxation time and a stress-free year [or as stress-free as it can be]
i wish that you will all have a wonderful 2013 - fully of surprises [good ones, of course]
Put simply, i wish that you will all have an amazing 2013!!

always, Shannen Nicole

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - former us president abraham lincoln
As I celebrate my 17th birthday, i can't help but look back at the life i've had. Obviously, i havent had a long life yet, but in the short amount of time i've been alive, i've gotten to experience so many wonderful experiences.
Ever since i was a little kid, i've ALWAYS been an animal lover...even if at times i was allergic to them. 
And it still hasn't changed. But nowadays, my love for animals is on a different level. I now crochet them. Amigurumi Crocheted Animals have given me a wonderful opportunity - being able to get to know you all. When i first started my page i was around 15 years old...and honestly, i had no idea that my creations would get this much appreciation.2 years later, here I am happier and more thankful than ever for each one of you guys. I may not know you all personally, but, life without you guys would be a whole lot emptier.
This year alone, I've had so many wonderful memories because of all of you. And here are some of them:
the most recent of them all; being interviewed by GMA NEWS TV's Good News with Vicky Morales which aired last november 4
being included in the 2013 day-to-day crochet calendar from accord publishing
being on the tumblr radar last march 25, 2012
this year has definitely been quite a whirlwind and i am so excited to see what being 17 will bring [hello driver's license :p]
below is a quote that i've been trying to live by recently. and i hope you will too... it's never to late to dream big...plus the bigger you dream, the more driven you become. the more driven you become, the more you will achieve. even if what you achieve isnt as big as your dream, it's still quite a great accomplishment =]
“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” donald trump
and of course, what's a birthday without a surprise? a horrible one!! so, i have a little surprise for you all.
as a little thank you, from today up until dec 14, i will be having a little contest. all you have to do is to either comment below this post or like my facebook post about this blog entry. each comment or like corresponds to one entry btw...no double commenting though to give a fair chance to everyone
On dec 15, i will choose 2 winners RANDOMLY! one will win an original Sweet N' Cute Creations creation - Little FIfi the Fennec Fox. While, the other will win a free pattern of her CHOICE
once i've chosen the winners, ill post their names on my page and message them for their details
the prize: little fifi the fennec fox <3

thank you everyone, for making everyday more amazing and more special with your comments, likes and simple messages! thank you also for all your never ending support! 
and a special special thank you to my dad. thank you for always supporting me in all my endeavors, despite how random and crazy some of them are!

So it's been quite a while since I've actually blogged on here. Throughout the month, I've been quite busy with academics that I had not had time to make new creations. From my first quarter examinations to my college exams, and even to the day of my report card giving. 
First, I want to thank everyone who's stood by me even if I have not posted new designs for weeks. I've been quite stressed with school and up until now I'm a bit ill.
Secondly, I want to share with you guys some pictures from my little photo shoot! I was honestly surprised by how much I've already made. I guess, when you just set them aside and place them in a cabinet it doesn't seem like much unlike when it's all laid down in front of you. Note that note all of my creations are actually here. I only chose my favorites and some were already given away. 

So my dad had this awesome idea to have a best of/favorites.
since i know that most of you only want certain patterns and not the entire ebook, you will get to choose the 8 patterns that will be included in this ebook. and as always, this ebook would total to only half of the price of each of their pattern prices combined =]
so you may choose more than one design btw :D poll with end by the end of august :D
if you've forgotten them, below the poll are the pictures in a slide show :D
also, dont forget to check out my newest ebook: the colorful collection :D http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/the-colorful-collection and my other ebooks can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/stores/sweet-n-cute-creations <3
Since the arrival of my baby niece, i've gotten to learn quite a number of things about babies. For one, they like things that make noises. My niece, in particular, would always play with chopsticks and bang it on the table to make noises. She also loves it when I shake my little case filled with gum inside. Second, they love the two extremes. Extreme 1. tiny objects. Extreme 2. Big objects that their little tiny hands can still grip. Case in point, when i presented a frappimal and an amigurumi owl to my niece she chose the frappimal because she could fit it in her tiny little hand. Another is when i presented the shiraffe [2011 collection giraffe] and the dino dragon [2011 collection as well] and she immediately chose the giraffe because she could grip the neck of it. 
Taking these into consideration, i decided to dedicate an entire collection to her as a gift for her 1st birthday next month. Most of you, if not all, have already seen the entire collection but i always left a message saying that there's something special within each one of them in relation to the usual amigurumi but it's common too each one in the collection.
Before i tell you what it is, i'll just give you a condensed form of the Anielle Collection's description.
theme: cute baby friendly animals
characteristics that must be evident in each of them: colorful, cute, adorable, sweet
special spot: heart [for love <3]
extra special something: IT CAN MAKE NOISES!!
yes, you read right! it can make noises!! here's a video as proof :D
ps, forgive the horrible quality of the video...i just used the webcam and it's quite difficult to show how it can make noises :D
So if some of you may remember, i got a message last year asking me to submit some of my patterns for Accord Publishing's 2013 day-to-day 2013 calendar. It wasn't a sure thing that my patterns would be accepted so i didnt keep my hopes that high. Last month, however, i got a message telling me that not one, but three of my patterns have actually been included in the calendar. I was very happy and very excited to see how it would look like. Last week, proved to be the time wherein i would see how it would be formatted. I think that i'm actually the youngest, if not one of the youngest, featured here in the calendar...so YAY!!! <3
here are some pictures of it. my dad and i actually got it framed last friday so that i can display it in my room :D

my features all together with the cover page :D
Petunia the Bunny
the ever so popular frap :D sadly, i only have the vanilla one left...the others were already given away
Next month [August], I'll be unveiling my 3rd mini ebook: "The Colorful Collection". The reason that it starts with a C is because my goal is to have "authored" 26 mini crochet ebooks before i turn 30. And i wanted each # of the ebook to correspond a letter in the alphabet, hence making A- awwdorable amis, B- bunnyvengers, and now, C- Colorful Collection. 
The ebook will contain the patterns of each of the amis in the Anielle Collection and it will be featuring the stork and koala as well. The ebook will also have a step-by-step guide in how to add that little extra sound to your amis! The tentative price of the ebook is $5.75 because i'm taking into consideration how i've priced the previous ebooks and also the difficulty of each project. As always, individual patterns will also be sold :D Don't worry, individual patterns will be no more than $2.50 each :D some will cost less ;D - which is really really cheap because as i was scouting ravelry, usual patterns are around $3.50...

Here's a preview of the cover photo:
My college entrance exam [CET] is already on august 3!!! then after that, i have my quarterly exams. So as you can expect, i wont be able to post that much amigurumis :D
but don't worry, i'm actually typing up the patterns for the colorful collection AND the lorax!! so hopefully i can get them done really soon...but i lost the pattern of the legs of lorax so yea, it's gonna take some time =]
i got the picture of google...isn't it just so adorable?
One year ago today, I started my very own Facebook page: Sweet N’ Cute Creations. At the same time, I realized how much I truly love crochet and how much I want people to not only to like the finished products but, I wanted them to be inspired by them and want to learn crochet and hopefully love it. Over the course of the year, I got to experience so many things and I could not be more thankful to all of you for letting me experience these.

Here are some of the memorable moments I got to experience because of you guys!

I've never actually done a "the making of..." blog, or any blog-blog for that matter so please bear with me. This will also serve as my "practice" for writing.

So as most, if not all, of you know, i absolutely love making amigurumis. All of the amigurumis I have done in the past, however, were all crocheted, which is why for May, I decided to try out something new...KNITTING AMIGURUMIS! After deciding on this, I went on raverly and browsed for very simple yet cute knitted ami patterns and came across this super adorable spring chick pattern [http://blog.fuzzymitten.com/2009/04/spring-chick.html]. Of course, being relatively new to this type of knitting, I had to do some research before attempting to crochet this little critter [i only know how to knit, purl, and some cabling].
Here are some of the videos I used to help me with this project:
1. Instead of skpo, I used ssk

So given all the suggestions I've gotten from the previous post, I decided to reshoot the cover page. These are now the final choices I have for Awwdorable Achievable's cover page. Given these two, which do you think should be my cover page? 
Please also feel free to post your comments and suggestions so that I will know what other elements you feel will make it a truly "Awwdorable" cover! 
Choice 1: Wheel Barrow with leaves all around
Choice 2: Crate
So towards the end of the month, I am hoping to release my mini edition eBook entitled: Awedorable Achievable. Even if it's just been a couple of weeks since I released Squeedorable Amis, I am hoping that this mini edition eBook will appeal just as much to you guys. Below are some pictures that I felt would be cool for you to see [note that as I'm writing this entry, I am still not yet finished with creating the mini eBook]

I truly do hope that you'll enjoy this mini edition ebook :D
my first attempt at creating the cover page's main photo. Here, i just used some boxes i found at home before realizing that we had other things that could be used for the picture as well instead of just a plain and boring box. This is NOT the cover page's main photo.
Here is the table of contents. I decided to make it more fun and basically just more laid back. Usually, the table of contents just has the name and the page number, but for this mini ebook, I have decided to make it as though they are talking
Below are other tid bits about the mini ebook just in case you want to know more about it.
- 5 patterns for $4.95 [individually, it totals to $10.00]
- There's a little surprise at the end of the ebook just like in my first one
- A short story/background about each little critter
- A step-by-step guide as to how i did certain things to certain amigurumis [you have to get the ebook to find out what I'm talking about here]
- Detailed "assembly" portion
- Fully written detailed pattern 
- Tips and "Tricks" [sounds cool right?]
I'll also be putting up individual patterns.
I truly hope that you guys will enjoy this ebook which will hopefully be released by April 27, 2012

Oh yea before I forget I NEED your input as to which I should choose as the cover photo so PLEASE answer the poll below
Choice #1: Wheel Barrow
Choice #2: Crate
To those who are super excited to get the patterns of little Sadie, Tink, Boo and Paopao, this special project I’m working on is sure to excite you! It’s been just a couple of weeks since I have released my first eBook: Squeedorable Amis and I already have another eBook on the way. This eBook is actually a special project for me because this will be part of a mini eSeries. Staying true to the Squeedorable Amis aura of adorable-ness and interactivity. This mini eBook, which has a working title of AWWdorable Achievable [for other title suggestions, feel free to sound off in the comments :D], is packed with your favorites and also another ami that is bound to be just as sweet and cute as the others [sadly, I’m still thinking of which animal to make, but I have narrowed it down to 2…which you’ll find out soon!]. This mini eBook is going to cost roughly $4.95 and is basically just ½ of the price of buying all of them individually. I’m also thinking of posting this on more sites, i.e. Amazon and Etsy, but so far, I am drawn to a blank as to how to do these :D I’m really excited to finish this little project of mine and you can always count on a little story for each little critter! And I really hope that you guys will be pleased with this mini eBook. Have a great day!

Ps, sound off on the comments below whether you want me to post about the shirt dye-ing and other projects you want me to feature. I’m not much of an “explorer” when in comes to crafts, so I’d love to hear of the crafts you enjoy doing and I’d love to give them a try!

Sweet N' Cute Creations