"everything starts with a dream..."
Since the arrival of my baby niece, i've gotten to learn quite a number of things about babies. For one, they like things that make noises. My niece, in particular, would always play with chopsticks and bang it on the table to make noises. She also loves it when I shake my little case filled with gum inside. Second, they love the two extremes. Extreme 1. tiny objects. Extreme 2. Big objects that their little tiny hands can still grip. Case in point, when i presented a frappimal and an amigurumi owl to my niece she chose the frappimal because she could fit it in her tiny little hand. Another is when i presented the shiraffe [2011 collection giraffe] and the dino dragon [2011 collection as well] and she immediately chose the giraffe because she could grip the neck of it. 
Taking these into consideration, i decided to dedicate an entire collection to her as a gift for her 1st birthday next month. Most of you, if not all, have already seen the entire collection but i always left a message saying that there's something special within each one of them in relation to the usual amigurumi but it's common too each one in the collection.
Before i tell you what it is, i'll just give you a condensed form of the Anielle Collection's description.
theme: cute baby friendly animals
characteristics that must be evident in each of them: colorful, cute, adorable, sweet
special spot: heart [for love <3]
extra special something: IT CAN MAKE NOISES!!
yes, you read right! it can make noises!! here's a video as proof :D
ps, forgive the horrible quality of the video...i just used the webcam and it's quite difficult to show how it can make noises :D
So if some of you may remember, i got a message last year asking me to submit some of my patterns for Accord Publishing's 2013 day-to-day 2013 calendar. It wasn't a sure thing that my patterns would be accepted so i didnt keep my hopes that high. Last month, however, i got a message telling me that not one, but three of my patterns have actually been included in the calendar. I was very happy and very excited to see how it would look like. Last week, proved to be the time wherein i would see how it would be formatted. I think that i'm actually the youngest, if not one of the youngest, featured here in the calendar...so YAY!!! <3
here are some pictures of it. my dad and i actually got it framed last friday so that i can display it in my room :D

my features all together with the cover page :D
Petunia the Bunny
the ever so popular frap :D sadly, i only have the vanilla one left...the others were already given away
Next month [August], I'll be unveiling my 3rd mini ebook: "The Colorful Collection". The reason that it starts with a C is because my goal is to have "authored" 26 mini crochet ebooks before i turn 30. And i wanted each # of the ebook to correspond a letter in the alphabet, hence making A- awwdorable amis, B- bunnyvengers, and now, C- Colorful Collection. 
The ebook will contain the patterns of each of the amis in the Anielle Collection and it will be featuring the stork and koala as well. The ebook will also have a step-by-step guide in how to add that little extra sound to your amis! The tentative price of the ebook is $5.75 because i'm taking into consideration how i've priced the previous ebooks and also the difficulty of each project. As always, individual patterns will also be sold :D Don't worry, individual patterns will be no more than $2.50 each :D some will cost less ;D - which is really really cheap because as i was scouting ravelry, usual patterns are around $3.50...

Here's a preview of the cover photo:
My college entrance exam [CET] is already on august 3!!! then after that, i have my quarterly exams. So as you can expect, i wont be able to post that much amigurumis :D
but don't worry, i'm actually typing up the patterns for the colorful collection AND the lorax!! so hopefully i can get them done really soon...but i lost the pattern of the legs of lorax so yea, it's gonna take some time =]


07/28/2012 9:06pm

CHICK! I will never be able to get over how amazingly talented you are!
Like you are just WOW!!!
Ps: love love love the pig! Soooooo cute! (I love pigs and hippos... Don't ask)
And congrats on the calendar! That's bloody amazing!!! :D

07/29/2012 11:02am

aww thanks girl!! <3
i love pigs too...so dont worry :P

Regina Young
07/28/2012 10:31pm

Congrats on the calender!! I want to get one when they come out! You are so amazing! I'm so happy for you! I know your Dad is so proud of you! Good luck on your test!! <3

07/29/2012 11:04am

thank you ms regina :D
yea he is!!!! <3
u should get a calendar!! ive browsed through the other patterns and they're just amazing!!

07/29/2012 5:01am

Cute, cute, cute. Can' wait to buy! Good luck on your exams. I have a couple of questions / requests. Can you design or have you designed and provided the patterns for an owl and turtle ami's

07/29/2012 11:04am

thank you :D
ive already made and provided a pattern for an owl i made :D
it's on my rav design page and tumblr :D
i havent made a turtle ami yet though. but, im hoping to make one soon :D

09/14/2012 3:55pm

I'm impress your Anielle Collection, I am very happy and very excited to see how it would look like.


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