"everything starts with a dream..."
i got the picture of google...isn't it just so adorable?
One year ago today, I started my very own Facebook page: Sweet N’ Cute Creations. At the same time, I realized how much I truly love crochet and how much I want people to not only to like the finished products but, I wanted them to be inspired by them and want to learn crochet and hopefully love it. Over the course of the year, I got to experience so many things and I could not be more thankful to all of you for letting me experience these.

Here are some of the memorable moments I got to experience because of you guys!
my very first “fan mail”. It may not have been a legit thoroughly written letter to me but it was just something as simple what that person thought of my works.
my first job offer…which I declined for personal reasons
when I received a letter asking if I wanted to join in an online submission of crocheted patterns that would eventually be featured in a calendar [no results yet]. I got this message through ravelry and this was actually for little Petunia!!! – my very first non-media inspired design
my first message of being an inspiration. That single message made me even more passionate about crocheting and made me realize that people do still appreciate this amazing craft!
my first and only time to be featured in the tumblr radar. It was such a surprise to me because most featured posts are artistic photos.
probably one of the sweetest message ever! getting told that a 7 year old loves my works and crochets!!!!! <3
Aside from those, I've also gotten to experience reaching 1124 likes before my birthday [i cannot find the picture of it :'(], the whole book deal ordeal [it rhymes!] I may not be able to mention each and every single thing. I may not be able to post the pictures of all your messages, but always remember that appreciate all of them and each and every single one of them has a place in my heart.

Through thick and thin, you all have been there to support me and I cannot thank you guys enough. During the darkest hours of my life [it sounds as if my life is over dramatic…it’s not a soap opera, but we all have that moment where we just feel like everything’s going wrong and it’s (life) not worth it anymore], you were the ones who served as guiding lights.

Thank you as well to people like Ms. Stephanie from All About Ami, Ms. Stacey from Fresh Stitches, Ms. Dianna Darrel Smith, Ms. De Anna Swanson, Ms. Penny Shilling, Ms. Sheryl Watson, Ms. Wendy Trish, Teresa Marcos and the others who have always taken time to comment and give suggestions to all of my works. I’m so sorry if I can’t name all of you!

Of course, a special thanks goes to my dad who has been with me through everything. He's always there to criticize my work and to help improve it. He's not a crocheter but his ideas are always amazing. He's also the one who set-up the cover page of awwdorable achievable. His input, along with all of you guys, on my works has made Sweet N' Cute Creations "level-up". So, thank you so much daddy. Happy Fathers' Day!! [see, it's not my typical birthday card anymore =p]

In just 1 year…well, in all honestly, it took less than a year, I’ve loved all of you and I cannot imagine my daily life without being able to reply to you guys, give some free patterns, give advice and just be here to talk to you all. In 1 year, I’ve gotten to see how the art of amigurumi has been popularized and how the younger generation is now taking part of it. In 1 year, I’ve learned to never give up in my dreams…all these are because of YOU. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be who I am today.


cheers to more years of crochet loving

cheers to getting to know more of you

cheers to never giving up on dreams

and lastly, cheers to each and everyone of you. Without you, I wouldn’t have the drive and the passion to continue this.


On a final note…I would like to present you guys with the pattern for Daddy and Baby Dolphin. [just in time for fathers’ day too!!!]
craftsy link: https://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/Toy/Daddy-and-Baby-Dolphin/18730
ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/daddy-and-baby-dolphin


06/16/2012 8:02pm

Aw! LOVE this post and HAPPY one year! MAY THERE BE MANY MORE

06/17/2012 5:07pm

thank you!!

06/16/2012 10:53pm

asdfghjkl; Please continue making sweet creations! Happy 1st year!
Actually I started crocheting not long ago after I stumbled on to your tumblr... thank you so much! :)

06/17/2012 5:08pm

thank you!
and cool!!! im so glad that you're crocheting :D it makes me smile to hear that people have started crocheting after they've stumbled upon my tumblr or fb page :D

06/17/2012 4:54am

Congrats on 1 year. You are quite the inspiration at only 15. I wish you much continued success. Thanks for the nice surprise gift ;-)

06/17/2012 5:09pm

<3 thank you!!!!! no problem! i hope that you liked it :D

Gail Drenzek
06/17/2012 5:07am

Aww that is so nice that you have made it to one year and I look forward to many more years to come. I love the things you have made and look forward to making them as well and look forward to seeing more of your creations in the years to come. Happy 1 year!!!
Thanks for yet another another free pattern, .

06/17/2012 5:10pm

<3 you're most welcome!! and yes! to more years of crocheting :P
i cant wait for the new ami designs ive been doodling to come to life!

06/17/2012 11:45am

Happy Happy Happy one year, I love your work. Thank you for sharing your patterens with us and for bring joy into my world because your work is just so darn cute! ~ Brenda

06/17/2012 5:10pm

thank you!! <3 no problem!
it means so much to me that you think i bring joy to your life!!
love you!!!!!!

06/17/2012 7:11pm

Happy first year! You are an amazing young lady! I wish you many many more years of crochet cuteness! You are an example for other young people to never give up on their dreams. :)

08/22/2012 3:44am

THX for info


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